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Imagine life in a house with 6 kids - now imagine if 5 of those kids and their father have ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) - that is our house! Welcome to an inside view of my life and our home dominated by ADHD... THERE IS NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!"

Those were our oldest daughter Rachel's first words, from the time she was a toddler she would belt them out proudly standing on the arm of the couch. At the time we had no idea what ADHD was or that it would play such a central roll in our lives.

Since then we have learned a lot, not the least of which is how many individuals and families suffer in silence. We have experienced first hand how misunderstood and misrepresented a disorder can be.

As a family we decided to take action - to risk embarrassment and labeling to get this important message out to the world. Come join our family, share in our lives, and see ADD/ADHD as we see it...
A gift with a heavy price tag.

WELCOME to life in the ADD/ADHD House!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Blissful Night

I was having a great conversation with my sister-in-law a few months ago.  As we were talking I could not help but think about how great she always looks.  She is an artist to the core – trained in fashion and interior design – and it shows in her ‘look.’  Like her house, it is totally her own and truly beautiful. 

As I was leaving I thought that anyone who met her and found out what she does would totally connect the two.  Her look is that of a classy artist.

My sister is the same – it is not a stretch to see that she is an English teacher and creative writer.  Not the stuffy stereotypical kind but the kind that allow buckets of fake blood to be poured over a student in a class reproduction of Macbeth.

I have decided that I look like the mother of 6 kids – 5 of which have ADD/ADHD.

Not that I don’t try to look a little put together, I do.  But, just like my sister-in-law and sister’s images are reflections of their lives I am pretty sure that I am a reflection of mine.


I look like a million things take priority over my ‘look’;  maybe a few emotional breakdowns, a string of arguments and misunderstandings, “focus” uttered a million times, a few thousand, “reel it back ins,” and a constant race to keep up with the creativity and talent in the house.

That is why Saturday evening, a week ago, was a great night for me.  It was a parental payday for sure.

My oldest two daughters have been working to form a band for several years now.  It began long ago when Mariah started flute lessons at seven years old (as a stress reliever) and Rachel followed her with voice lesson.  This was long before we knew or understood ADD/ADHD.  As they progressed, got better, and older - their musical tastes expanded.  I suppose this end was a logical progression. 

Mariah has found ease and a natural way to communicate through writing songs (both lyrics and music). Rachel brings the songs to life on stage.

The Bliss Method left to Right: 
Ethan Harlan (drums/Percussion), Rachel Aro (Lead Singer/Lyrics), Mariah Aro (Piano, Guitar, Synth/Music & Lyrics), Cameron White (Lead Guitar) 

The girls are great but they have needed other band members to round out their sound. They have been searching and searching for the right people to fit in and keep up with them.  I assure you that keeping up with these two not an easy task.

Along comes a fantastic drummer and a fabulous guitarist and now they are going places. 

I am sure it is not a coincidence that all four band members have ADD/ADHD.  Have we talked about the beauty of hyper focus and what a talent can be created when there is nothing else in the world?

The Bliss Method played their first gig on that Saturday evening. I sat back and watched them, watched the crowd as people identified with the messages, danced along, and complimented their talents.  I felt pretty good about my role as the semi-put-together, frazzled mom.

...After all, it is what I do!


Gina Pera said...

Wonderful! Next time, post a clip from the band. :-)

Lisa Aro said...

We are actually working on the recording now, had to clean up some background noise and then we will post it!